Full of Beans works in partnership with Mini Mermaid UK to deliver these amazing programmes to boys and girls in KS2 in our primary schools.

These progressive, self-development programmes use physical activity combined with mindfulness to strengthen self-esteem, self-confidence and self-compassion at a critical developmental point/time in children’s lives.

Rather than targeting children who love sports, we seek those who have shown a reluctance to engage in physical activity, for whatever reason.

We utilize small groups of a maximum of 10 participants from each year group, and create a safe, fun judgement-free environment in which both outgoing and shy children can flourish individually and come together as a team.

Participants will learn about goal setting and the value of exercise.   Mini Mermaids & Young Tritons do all of this – all children learn how to challenge themselves and build resilience, through planning for and completing a 5km Challenge.

This positivity, from both the programme and the 5km challenge, permeates all aspects of their lives, from social interactions and school to long-term goals and aspirations.


  • 4 year progressive programme, delivered in small group settings (10-12 participants) over an 8-week period per year
  • We conclude with a 5km challenge at the end
  • Co-designed curriculum comprises of journal work, games, activities and structured workouts (no journal work for the boys, they have a cool comic instead)
  • Resource Pack – everyone receives their own journals/comic, medals, t-shirts, stickers, runners badge amongst other things and we bring all we need including stationary resources.


  • More physically active
  • Increased Confidence
  • Greater Resilience

Additionally, OFSTED also value these programmes which is fantastic and we hope to be able to offer these clubs to as many children as we can.


“Mini Mermaids has helped me in so many different ways.  First of all, I used to have lots of worries but now I have a lot less.  Before this, I was shy with new and unfamiliar people, but now I’m able to communicate with them more freely.   Also, it’s helped my confidence to grow and I’m excited to try new and different things.  The programme has helped me understand a bit more about who I am and who I’d like to be.  It has helped encourage me to follow my hopes and dreams”. Mini Mermaid, Bidston Village School, Wirral

“Our boys need role models now more than ever. I believe we can teach boys what it means to be heart-strong, mind-strong, and body-strong. When boys know how much strength they have in so many different ways they will become proud of themselves and their sense of self-respect will carry them through life. It’s not rocket science, boys just want someone to follow. I believe in all kids and will do everything I can to help them achieve their dreams and goals. In Young Tritons, I was able to see my boys unleash their minds and see how much they can do…and I love ‘The Finish Line is Just The Beginning’ because it really is! My boys have so much confidence now and belong to something”. Darren McDonald, Headteacher

Further information on the programme can be found at www.minimermaiduk.com.


What our customers say...

  • We have worked with Full of Beans for 7 years and have found them to be a fantastic company who have helped to increase the amount and variety of after school and before school clubs we offer to our children. Nicky is wonderful – extremely organised and aware of the needs and expectations of our school and parents. We meet regularly to assess the extra curricular provision the company provides and Nicky is always able to offer new and exciting experiences for the children either that they have requested or that she thinks they would like. The coaches that come in to work with the children are fantastic – skilled in their area of delivery and extremely professional. The school and the children have benefited over the years from having the chance to work with Full of Beans and the coaches and we hope that this partnership will continue for many years to come. PE Co-Ordinator St Peter’s Primary, Heswall

  • Full of Beans provide variety, diversity of exciting activities and superb coaching which focuses on specific skills – our pupils are challenged and in very good hands! Headteacher

  • Full of Beans is a fabulous class and the children have learnt so much over the last few years. They cover many areas of development within their classes, it’s not all about dance! I would definitely recommend Full of Beans to enhance physical development and personal social and emotional skills, our children learn about their bodies, how they need to warm up and cool down. They love to learn new things, from cheerleading and team games, to relaxation and yoga. Full of Beans provide just that! The staff are excellent with our 3-4yr olds, they always bring something new to the class and possess a lot of patience and most important of all, FUN! Any ideas or help we need for our classes, the Full of Beans staff are always happy to accommodate and incorporate it into the lesson. Nicky keeps us informed with any staff changes/times etc, and she will always fill in when necessary, and the children love it! THANK YOU. Fiona Khedun – Manager St.Bridget’s Pre-School 2020.

  • I would just like to say a big thank you to you and your fab instructors, who did an amazing job yesterday. Ben had a fantastic party! He was made to feel very special, without feeling embarrassed at all, and he loved the whole experience! Parent