​Welcome to Mini Mermaids at Home! This new online experience, for girls ages 7-12, is developed in partnership with Full of Beans Fitness, bringing the world of Mini Mermaids to you. It combines discussions, journal work and fun, easy-to-do home workouts, while creating a sense of community and comfort for young girls during this period of uncertainty and social isolation. Girls can share and process their thoughts and feelings, make new friends and figure out what types of physical activity makes them feel best. 

Mini Mermaid and Siren remaining front and centre in our at Home programme. It’s hard when life changes and there’s a new reality to navigate.  No school. No access to friends. No certainty. It’s frustrating and scary and tiring. Using the characters of Mini Mermaid, our inner cheerleader and Siren, our inner critic, girls discover new ways to understand the rollercoaster of emotions, how to manage them and how physical activity can be an important part of their overall mental, emotional and physical well-being.

​Over time, girls turn their Mini Mermaid voice into a powerful force, better equipping them to take on every challenge and pressure they face.



Each girl will join a private, online group of 10-12 girls and participate in sessions twice a week for 8 weeks. The sessions, led by the teachers & specialist coaches from Full of Beans Fitness, create an environment where both outgoing and shy girls can thrive, as individuals and as part of a squad.

Throughout the programme, girls will participate in discussions, games and workouts and journal activities that revolve around six themes. At the end of the programme, girls will take on a final challenge, in which they use all the lessons of Mini Mermaids!​ ​

​Girls who participate in Mini Mermaids show increased resilience, confidence and well-being and are more comfortable moving their bodies. This positivity permeates all aspects of their lives, from social interactions and learning to long-term goals and aspirations.


​Easy. Simple contact Corrie at Full of Beans Fitness for dates and availability: corrie@fullofbeansfitness.co.uk / 07736 928350